This involves assigning cadets to specific roles within the academy. Different Cadets perform watches based on the cadet watch roster. The aim of this activity is prepare the cadets for careers on board maritime vessels with regards to keeping watch.
This refers to cadet extra-curricular activities where cadets practise parade and band drills as well as work in various departments across the academy such as refectory, provost, library etc. Dog watches are done on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
These are sporting activities ranging from soccer to volleyball, basketball, and lawn tennis amongst others. These games are designed to strengthen the bond between cadets through sports as well as improve physical fitness. Cadet games are on Tuesdays and Thursday evening and are managed by physical training instructors in the academy.
This involves taking the strength of cadets at different point in time. This exercise help to keep the cadet in check, it embed discipline in the cadets so as to obey instruction to remain at their duty post.
The Chief Cadets’ Captain (CCC) and Deputy Chief Cadets’ Captain (DCCC) shall be appointed from amongst the second year HND cadets. They shall be appointed by the Academic Board.